Mouth Guards

Around 5 million teeth are knocked out during sports activities every single year! Almost half of all sports injuries involve the mouth or teeth in some way. Because of this, it’s important that you know how to prevent injuries to your face and mouth when participating in sports activities or other recreational activities.

What are Mouth Guards?

A mouth guard (sometimes known as a mouth protector) is a device worn inside the mouth that will help to cushion a blow to the face. Mouth guards have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the soft tissues of the face or mouth. A mouth guard is worn over the upper teeth and can also protect your tongue and the insides of your cheeks.
If you play any kind of organized sport, a mouth guard should be a permanent part of your athletic gear and equipment. This is especially true in high-risk or contact sports, such as football, karate, gymnastics, skating, boxing, etc.

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Benefits of a mouth guard

There are many benefits of a mouth guard, including:

  • Absorbing and distributing the impact of a hit to the face. Even a hit that may otherwise leave you with trauma to the jaw or mouth will just leave you feeling a little sore if you’ve got your mouth guard in
  • Custom-fit mouth guards help to protect the soft tissues in your mouth from any lacerations in the mouth by protecting the lips, tongue, and cheeks.
  • Mouth guards are great shock absorbers, and are able to take in and bounce off the force from an impact. In addition to protecting the teeth, your mouth guard can even decrease your chances of suffering a concussion.

Caring for your mouth Guard

  • Rinse your mouth guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush after each use
  • Store your mouth guard in a sturdy container, with enough ventilation that bacteria won’t be allowed to grow
  • Replace your mouth guard immediately if it begins to show any signs of wear or doesn’t feel as if it’s fitting correctly

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