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Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a healthy smile! Cosmetic dentistry is a rewarding industry to be in. What could be better than transforming smiles into their full potential? We just love to show off our patients before and after photos. A new smile can completely transform our patients, on the outside, of course, but also on the inside. The confidence and satisfaction gained from working with a cosmetic dentist colorado springs is immeasurable. Our cosmetic dentists colorado springs office staff have enjoyed many years of working with patients who are full of gratitude for the results they have experienced here at Balota Dental.

The advancements in cosmetic dentistry have been massive over the past few decades. We now have so many options to offer our patients that we can fulfill virtually any request. You may have heard of the different types of cosmetic options for teeth including veneers and dental implants. Perhaps you need a straighter or whiter smile. We also offer options that work for you and what you envision for your ultimate result. We have corrected all types of dental cosmetic issues and we would love to consult with you about your smile. We are one of the top cosmetic dentist colorado springs, so if you are in need of a local colorado springs cosmetic dentist you can trust, look no further.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a SMILE, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”


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Knowing that you are in good hands is important. We are fully aware of how precious each and every smile is that makes it into our dental office chairs. We know that behind each smile is someone that is trusting us with one of their greatest assets. We do not take that lightly, and this is why you will find that our colorado springs cosmetic dentistry team is among the best there is. Balota Dentistry, offering Cosmetic dentistry colorado springs, is highly rated and trusted within the local community.

When you are considering cosmetic dental work, it is important to know that there are many great options to choose from. When you speak to our cosmetic dentists colorado springs, they will guide you appropriately to make the best choice for your needs.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one very common request for our team of cosmetic dentists colorado springs. Teeth can become stained overtime from things like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, or as a result of poor dental hygiene. Restore your teeth beautiful white shine with whitening treatments that are gentle, safe, and long lasting.

dental impants

Dental implants are an option for those that have lost teeth and wish to restore a smile back to its original look, and enhance the look of a smile. They also provide a way for the patient to eat and chew comfortably and effectively again. They work by providing an artificial tooth root which must be surgically placed into the jaw bone. It is very hard to visually distinguish an implant from a real tooth.This makes implants a perfect option for those who wish to achieve both a natural looking and natural feeling oral restoration. We offer this option at Balota Dentistry, your trusted cosmetic dentistry colorado springs.

dental veneers

Dental Veneers are bonded to the tooth surface to correct chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. They can be made from porcelain or composite material. They are a perfect option for long lasting and non-invasive cosmetic improvements of the teeth. Ask our team of colorado springs cosmetic dentistry specialists what they recommend for your specific needs.

composite resin bonding

This type of cosmetic dentistry uses composite resin material to cover, fill, and shape areas of the teeth that are cracked, and may have gaps, or chips. It is a quick process, and relatively inexpensive cosmetic option. Our colorado springs cosmetic dentist will assist you with any questions you may have on this type of cosmetic fix.

bringing confidence to your smile

When looking for a cosmetic dentist colorado springs that can give you the results you desire, you should feel comfortable with the process and understand all of your options from A-Z. At Balota Dentistry, we don’t hold back when it comes to providing the information you need to feel informed. We also offer assistance with answering your questions about cost, payment plans, and other options to fit within your budget.

Having a wonderful smile is a high priority for many. Feeling confident about the way you present yourself to others can truly improve the quality of life that one has, and can assist with obtaining a bright future with many opportunities. You should feel confident not only in the appearance of your teeth, but also in the way that they function. We use only the highest quality dental materials and each procedure is carried out meticulously to insure the dental work that is done will last and last. We know that this is an investment not only in your appearance, but also in your health and wellbeing. Selecting a cosmetic dentist colorado springs won’t be a challenge once you meet our team of experts. We are here to support you every step of the way. We strive to see you smiling, and there is nothing more rewarding to us than to take our patients through the experience of restoring a flawless smile. Though Balota Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry colorado springs locally, we still have many patients who travel here to us from out of town to experience the excellent quality of service that we provide. That is how impactful our care has been to the patients we serve. We sincerely hope that your search for a colorado springs cosmetic dentist has come to an end here with us. Reach out now and schedule your consultation. There is no other office that practices colorado springs cosmetic dentistry with as much passion as the dental practitioners at our facility.

If you have any other questions pertaining to cosmetic dentistry, or dental care in general, and wish to schedule ongoing care, call us. We are here for you. We just love to see you smile, and we strive to make your smile the best that it can be.

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