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Night Guards

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Night Guards

Bruxism is a disorder in which sufferers grind or clench their teeth in their sleep. The most common cause of bruxism is stress and anxiety, but it can also be caused by certain sleep disorders. No matter the reason for your bruxism, wearing a custom fit night guard can help to ease the symptoms.

Symptoms of Bruxism

It’s common for people to be unaware that they suffer from bruxism since it happens primarily during sleep. However, there are a few signs you can keep an eye out for that may point to a grinding or clenching habit:

  • Frequently waking up with headaches
  • Finding yourself clenching your teeth throughout the day
  • Soreness in the jaw, face, or neck, especially in the mornings
  • Popping or clicking noises when moving your jaw
  • Cracks or fractures in the teeth
  • Loosening teeth

How a Night Guard Can Help

A night guard is a plastic mouthpiece that has been customized to fit your mouth. The night guard fits over the top teeth to prevent the upper and lower teeth from grinding or clenching against one another. Even though there is no cure for bruxism, having the cushion of a night guard will help to ease the symptoms and prevent any additional damage to the teeth and/or jaw.

In addition to wearing a night guard, there are a few other ways you can decrease the severity of your bruxism. First, it’s important to find a way to manage your stress. You can also train your jaw to hang a little more loosely instead of having your teeth clenched together all the time. Lastly, stay away from caffeine and alcohol, both of which can increase the severity of your bruxism.

If you suspect that you may have bruxism, or if you’d like more information on a custom made night guard, please contact Balota Family Dentistry here at our Colorado Springs, CO dental office.