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What Parents Should Know About Dental Fluorosis

Kids in a pile of leavesDental fluorosis is a dental issue caused when a child’s baby teeth are exposed to an excessive amount of fluoride in early childhood. Fluorosis is mainly a cosmetic issue, causing white spots or streaks on the teeth and a pitted, mottled appearance.

Fluorosis Symptoms

  • Mild Cases – In mild cases of fluorosis, small white spots or flecks will begin to appear on the teeth. In these cases, no more than half of the teeth will be affected.
  • Moderate Cases – In moderate cases of fluorosis, these white patches will start to spread until over half of the tooth is affected. There may also be brown spots beginning to form as well.
  • Severe Cases – In the most severe fluorosis cases, both white and brown spots will be on most or all of the teeth. Additionally, you may begin to notice some visible pitting and mottling, causing the teeth to appear irregular or corroded.

Fluorosis Prevention 

Below are a few ways that you can protect your children’s teeth from fluorosis:

  • Make sure your children don’t use more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when brushing their teeth
  • Supervise your children when brushing to make sure they aren’t swallowing the toothpaste
  • Be aware of the amount of fluoride in the tap water in your area
  • Check to see if your bottled water contains extra fluoride
  • Keep toothpaste, mouthwash, and any fluoride supplements out of reach of your children
  • Lastly, never give your child fluoride supplements unless directed to by your child’s pediatrician or dentist

To make an appointment at our office, or if you think your child may have fluorosis, please contact Balota Family Dentistry at our Colorado Springs, CO office.

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