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Vitamins and Minerals that are Important to Dental Health

Attractive woman in front of open refrigeratorIn order to have the healthiest teeth and gums you can, it’s important to make sure that there are plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet and that of your family. These nutritional building blocks are a vital part of dental and oral health.

Vitamins & Minerals for a Healthier Smile

Below are a few important vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth and what to eat in order to get them:

Vitamin D

Foods high in vitamin D help the body to properly absorb calcium while improving bone density. This is why it’s important to get vitamin D and lots of calcium. If you’re eating enough calcium without the right amount of vitamin D, it might not be as helpful.

How to get vitamin D: When exposed to sunlight, your body will naturally produce vitamin D. It can also be found in canned tuna, fatty fish, and mushrooms. Many foods have been fortified with vitamin D, such as orange juice, milk, and cereal.


This is kind of an obvious one since we all know calcium is good for dental health. In addition to helping harden the tooth enamel and strengthen the jawbone, calcium is also good for the body. It can help to build bones and provides structural support for the body.

How to get calcium: Dairy products are the best ways to get the right amount of calcium. These can include milk, cheese, and yogurt. Salmon and broccoli are also great sources of calcium.

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to keep the mucous membranes healthy. This means that the mouth is able to heal more quickly, and dry mouth can be kept at bay.

How to get Vitamin A: For strong and healthy gums and teeth, try eating more egg yolks, fish, and liver. Vitamin A can also be found in orange-colored fruits including cantaloupe, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and carrots as well as leafy greens.


Phosphorus supports calcium by helping to build strong teeth and bones.

How to get phosphorus: There is a wide range of foods that are high in phosphorus, including soybeans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, pork, beef, cheese, and most seafood including salmon, tuna, scallops, cod, and shrimp.

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