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Suitable Candidates for Dental Implant Surgery

Senior coupleDental implants are very quickly becoming a more popular choice for people who may be missing their teeth. If you’re able to undergo most routine dental procedures, you are probably able to undergo dental implant surgery.

Suitable candidates for dental implant surgery include those who:

  • Suffer from bone loss – Dental implants can help prevent further bone loss from occurring. They can also preserve the structure of your face.
  • Currently wear dentures – If you currently wear dentures, dental implants can help to stabilize the dentures or act as a more permanent replacement for them.
  • Have been diagnosed with gum disease – Lastly, if your teeth have been lost due to gum disease or periodontitis, the success rate for dental implants has been shown to be very high.

While the above candidates tend to have a high dental implant success rate, the following circumstances may require a little bit of work before undergoing dental implant surgery.

  • Suffering from a chronic disease – Diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure may require that extra steps and precautions are taken to make sure that you are safe and stable during surgery.
  • Use of tobacco products – If you smoke cigarettes or use chewing tobacco, the success rate for your dental implants are significantly lowered. We strongly suggest that you quit the use of tobacco products before undergoing surgery.

Again, the above situations do not make you ineligible for dental implants. We may just need to take a few additional steps before you can undergo dental implant surgery.

For more information on the candidacy of dental implants or to make an appointment with Dr. Nora Balota, please contact Balota Family Dentistry today. Our family dental office is located here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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