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How to Make Brushing Fun for Your Children

Mother and child brushing teethIf you’re one of the many parents who find it difficult to get your kids to care for their dental health, you’re not alone! The best way to remedy this problem is to make brushing seem a little more exciting and less like a chore.

How to Make Brushing Fun

Below are a few ways you can make your child’s oral hygiene routine a little more exciting:

  • Toothbrush – Allow your kids to pick their own toothbrushes. This will give them power over caring for their own dental health. Toothbrushes feature all varieties of television characters, superheroes, and princesses. Just make sure that your child’s toothbrush has soft bristles and is the appropriate size for their mouth and age.
  • Toothpaste – It’s common for children to have an aversion to minty or cinnamon flavors of toothpaste. However, there are many different kinds of toothpastes made specially for children in a variety of fun flavors. Just make sure that whatever toothpaste your child picks has the ADA seal of approval.
  • Family Time – Making your oral hygiene routine a family affair is a great way to set a good example for your kids. This is also an opportunity for you to make sure your kids are brushing their teeth properly.
  • Timers or Music – Lastly, it’s important that your children are brushing for the full recommended two minutes. We suggest setting a fun timer or listening to a song that lasts two minutes. This will help your kids brush for the proper amount of time.

Just because dental healthcare should be a habit, doesn’t mean that it needs to be a boring chore. Getting your children excited about their oral hygiene routine will not only make your daily routine easier, but it will also help to set a solid foundation for a whole lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.

To make an appointment for your family to receive a dental cleaning and exam here at Balota Family Dentistry, please contact our Colorado Springs, Colorado family dental office.

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