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How to Avoid Getting a Sunburn

Womans shoulder with sun sun-screenSunburns hurt and they’re very dangerous for your health! Unfortunately, July is a peak month for sunburns, which may come on quite a bit faster than you realize. We’re not suggesting that you stay inside all summer long because there’s so much fun to be had in the sun! So if you still want to get out there, soak up some vitamin D, and participate in all the activities summer has to offer, consider these tips on avoiding a sunburn!

How to Avoid a Sunburn

Below are a few great ways to make sure you and your family are safe in the sun:

  • Avoid peak hours – Peak sun hours are between 10am and 2pm. Avoiding the sun during the hours when its rays are the harshest is one of the best techniques for preventing a sunburn.
  • Sunscreen – Obviously, sunscreen plays a vital role in the prevention of sunburns! We recommend applying sunscreen liberally and often! It’s also important to make sure you’re applying your sunscreen everywhere. Don’t forget the ears, hands, feet, scalp, lips, and back of the neck!
  • Reapply after getting wet – After a dip in the pool, the sunscreen particles will likely have partially washed off, even if the bottle claims that the sunscreen is waterproof. We know it can be a pain, but reapplying frequently is less annoying than a pesky sunburn would be!
  • Keep covered up – Umbrellas, cover-ups, and big floppy hats are all great ways to protect yourself when you’re in the sun. We know that it’s tempting to wear as little clothing as possible when the temperature is so high, but staying covered is a great way to avoid a sunburn.
  • Know your skin – Lastly, it’s important to know your skin. If you have darker skin, you’re less likely to burn, but you still shouldn’t overdo it. If you have fair skin, you’ll likely need to sit under an umbrella for quite a bit longer. Know your skin and plan your sunny day activities accordingly.

At Balota Family Dentistry, your overall health is just as important to us as your dental health! We want to wish all of our Colorado Springs, Colorado dental patients a safe and happy summer vacation! To make your appointment with Dr. Nora Balota, please contact our family dental office today!

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